About Us

TEKsource1 was founded in 2004 and now serves as a hub for technology sales and consulting services. We have established working relationships with other technical service providers, vendors, and some very talented people, in order to meet the various needs of our clients.

We apply our combined knowledge and experience into complete technology solutions to meet the needs of many different businesses and organizations. Our work primarily involves business computer network services, website hosting, website design and development, and search engine optimization.

TEKsource1 provides hardware and software for internal networks and the support you need to install and manage them. We have worked with Fortune 500 hundred companies and smaller independent businesses, which include the automotive and healthcare industries, educational institutions and nonprofit organizations.

We are also co-wners of the website development company called Thoughtspan Interactive, based out of Royal Oak Michigan. You can see some of the most recent website design work hosted at www.thoughtspaninteractive.com.